Faster and easier! MachineKit install using packages

A past post here described installing MachineKit from source, but now you have a much better option: using a package-based install.

What’s a Package?

‘Package’ refers to a Debian package, which brings together all the stuff (code, scripts, images, documentation, etc.) needed to run a piece of software.  Creating, storing, and keeping packages up-to-date is thankless work, but once someone else has made a package, the code is vastly easier to install.  Then you don’t need to install a compiler and all its dependencies just to build a piece of software, then wait for that software to build, which previously was around 40 minutes for a BBB, nor do you need disk space for all of those.  With a package, you can get new features and bug fixes, plus can easily revert a version if it doesn’t work for you – in a single-line command.

This post provides instructions for getting MachineKit up and running using packages, on a fresh BeagleBone Black rev C (the one with 4 GB of embedded memory). I assume you know how to flash an image onto your BBB and connect to it. If not, you may find my earlier Initial Setup post helpful.

Flash the latest image

Start with the latest Debian Testing snapshot, from this page:

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