I’m Brandon, a student in the Bay Area.  I’ve built or co-built a custom Segway, plenty of robots (FIRST, sumo, walking), a computer-controlled disco dance floor, vase art, and plenty of other stuff.

This page is meant to be a mix of diary, camera log, and scratchpad, as well as a place to document things others might find useful while Googling.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, I’m looking on the web, someone can lend a hand in the construction of my 3D printer print delta! I created a document in corel where I try to illustrate as much as possible what I’m doing !! I wish someone would look and a guarantee that if the procedure is correct.

    Your email this corel file a help it would be possible?

    Sorry for the English, I’m usanfo google translator

  2. i was wondering if your still active with machinekit? a couple of guys and i on #reprap have been using your blog for pretty much everything! since its been a year for the last post, i was hoping you’d give it a go again 🙂

    • Unfortunately not, been focused on my not-maker-related startup; have only used a 3d printer a few times this year. Do you have a specific request?

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