Introducing SkyDelta

tl;dr: a prototype of new kind of 3D printer shows promise.

SkyDelta is a new style of open-source RepRap 3D printer.  Similar to deltabots like the Kossel, Rostock, Cerberus, Wolfstock, and many others, it has a triangular-prism frame.  However, instead of using linear rails and rigid rods to move the print head through space, SkyDelta employs tensioned lines.  Click the YouTube video below for a walkthrough of the first prototype of SkyDelta, mounted to a larger Kossel Mini frame:

This post walks through the motivations, challenges, and resulting design of SkyDelta, whose parts are available on GitHub.  I find long-form blogs like those from RichRap and Terence Tam to have invaluable content for those who aspire to move from replicating others’ designs, to tweaking them, to finally, creating originals designs to share with the community.  If you’re just interested in making one, skip to the bottom for instructions and the current status.

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